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Last year LIFE BEYOND focused on helping young adults fulfill their dreams.  McKenzie's dream was to use her gifts to serve God's people.  Here is her story.

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By McKenzie Chase

Being able to go on this mission trip to Mexico was a “dream come true.” I’ve always wanted to go on a trip of my own. I love to read the biographies of famous missionaries. It’s really exciting to read about all the great things they did but also all the hard things they had to go through. In the spring of 2006 a missionary from Mexico named Bill Parks came to my church. He explained about his ministry, and I was so moved by what he said that I started to cry. I thought that I would never be able to go on a mission trip. I just felt like it would be an impossible thing for me to ever do. Then I prayed to God with my mom that He would provide a way for me to go on a mission trip where I could be used.

I’m part of a Young Life Capernaum group called Club Beyond. Three months after my prayer, my leader, Carissa Mortenson, asked each of us if there was a dream we’d like to have come true. My dream was to go on a mission trip. To my surprise, Young Life sponsored a whole trip to Mexico! I went with a group of 39 teenagers and parents from Mount Zion Methodist Church. My mom even got to go with me which was a real blessing because I was very, very nervous. We lead Vacation Bible School with a local church near San Quinten, Mexico. I have Asperger’s which is a form of autism and because of this I am able to memorize music and any form of recorded material easily. I was able to memorize the Spanish songs and lead the Mexican children in the singing for Vacation Bible School each day.  Because of my great interest in missionary stories they allowed me to share a story every morning with the team during devotions. Different members of the team said that they looked forward to my stories every morning.  For many years I’ve had a hobby of making bead critters. I’ve made hundreds of them, and I kept them hoping that I could give them to children one day on the mission field. Well, I got my chance. I handed them out as prizes to the children for learning their verses. My bead critters were a big hit. The kids loved them.
I feel like God designed this trip for me so that I could play a big part in it, even with Asperger’s. God heard my prayer last year, and I’m so grateful to Him for answering it.

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